Monday July 25, 2016.

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse of the Day: You are to serve the LORD your God and he will bless your food and water, and I’ll remove sickness from you. No woman will miscarry or be barren in your land, and I’ll make every day of your life complete – Exodus 23: 25-26 (ISV).

LISTEN : The particulars of God’s promise talks about specific details or piece of information contained in his promise herein. Food and water are two major sources of sustaining human lives; when contaminated and consumed, they equally become the major sources of diseases and sicknesses. We often fall sick as a result of what we eat or drink. Thank God that He deposited in our bodies antibodies (substances produced by the body to fight disease), they help us to fight and remove toxins gotten from our food, water and other sources.

Beyond that, God promised the Israelites his blessing on both their food and water. He knows that their bodies could be damaged by what they drink or eat, hence he promised them security. However, he gave them condition upon which he is to bless their food and water. The bible said, ” You are to serve the LORD your God”. The responsibility of the Israelites was to serve God; that is, to worship, honour and obey him. When they have fulfilled their own part, God’s promise can then follow. And the bible said, “And he will bless your food and water, and I’ll remove sickness from you. No woman will miscarry or be barren in your land, and I’ll make every day of your life complete” Exodus 23: 25-26

Beloved, God’s promise to the Israelites in our verse of the day is also to us by extension. Here we have four particulars of his promise, namely:

> The comfort of their/our food (Psalm 78:25)
> The increase of their/our wealth (Gen 13:2)
> The continuance of their/our health (Deut. 7:15; Psalm 103:3)
> The prolonging of their/our lives to old age (Gen 15:15).

In this promise God assured the Israelites of blessed food and water if they will faithfully serve Him. What it means is that God was interested in the comfort of their food. God’s blessing on our food and water will make it more refreshing and nourishing than a feast of fat. In today’s scripture, God promised to prevent or remove sickness from His people. Besides, he promised to make us wealthy and fruitful. Above all, to extend our lives so that we will live out our destined time on earth and enjoy his blessing.

Having read today’s devotional message, what are you expected to do?
1. Determine to serve God faithfully.
2. Acknowledge that if God doesn’t grant you healing no one can.
3. Serve and trust the LORD to bless you as he promised.

Daily Task
Determine to keep your own part of God’s covenant with his children to receive his promised blessings.

Daily Reflection : The promises of God are valid today as they were yesterday, claim them.

Blessed Father, I accept your promises in today’s message, may my life be directed towards your service as I enjoy the particulars of your promises in Jesus’ name, amen.

Prophetic Word :Today, I prophesy upon your life, let the particulars of the promises of God be released upon your life as you serve Him in Jesus ‘ name.

NOTE: Friend, always leave your comments and testimonies below; let’s know how you feel reading the Winner’s Seed Daily Devotional. Thanks.

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