Wednesday August 17, 2016. 

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : The LORD tries the righteous: but the wicked and him that loves violence his soul hates. – Psalms 11:5 (UKJV).

LISTEN : In life, trial is inevitable. In as much as you’re living in this world you’ll certainly taste of it. Trial is God’s way of proving his children. He often permits trial to examine our faithfulness to him. Trial is God’s way of showing you to yourself. Most often we display exaggerated opinions of ourselves in regard to faith and spirituality; but time of trials answers the question and show us who we really are.

Trial will certainly come because it’s part of life’s journey; but when it does come, God is watching to see what you’ll do; that is, whether you’ll overcome or be defeated. What you do in time of trial with determine whether you’ll be promoted or abased. Our verse of the day said ” God tries the righteous”(Psalms 11:5); what it means is that God can permit trial, he uses it to prove you. However, in trials God keeps the devil within His control so that you’ll not be stretched beyond your limit (1 Corinthians 10:13).

When trial comes, you’re presented with two options – success or failure: success, if you overcome, and failure, if you’re defeated by the trial. Joseph dreamed of becoming a great man over his brothers, but that has to come with a huge price. He was betrayed and sold away by his blood brothers, accused and framed up by Potiphar’s promiscuous wife for attempted rape. as a result was thrown in prison by his master but he couldn’t renounce his faith or stain his integrity. God was watching to see what he’ll do. Psalms 105:19 said, ” Till the time when his word came true; he was tested by the word of the Lord.” The LORD tried him and eventually he was promoted (see vv.20,22).

In contrast, King Saul failed when he was tested. In 1 Samuel 13, Prophet Samuel commanded Saul by God’s orders to wait until he has offered a burnt offering to God before the Israelites could engage the Philistines in battle. But King Saul, out of fear presumptuously offered the sacrifice before Samuel arrived and therefore lost the chance of establishing his kingdom in Israel (1 Samuel 13:8-13). Beloved, let’s be careful of what we do in times of trials and temptations. Remember, your inability to overcome them can cost you your future. Beware!

Having read today’s devotional, what are you expected to do? 
1. Know that God permits trials therefore to trust his care and protection.
2. Determine to overcome your trial no matter what
3. Take the right decisions when going through trials so that you’ll come out victorious.

Daily Task : Don’t allowed the bitterness of trials drown your hope of victory and glory.

Daily Reflection : When trial comes, you’re presented with two options – success or failure: Success, if you overcome, and failure, if you’re defeated by the trial.

Prayer : Blessed Father, help me to overcome my trials and to stand strong in Jesus ‘ name, amen.

Prophetic Word : Today, I prophesy over your life, you’ll not be drown by trials of life in Jesus ‘ name.

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