Tuesday, September 20, 2016.

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : And by faith Sarah herself had power to give birth, when she was very old, because she had faith in him who gave his word – Hebrews 11 : 11 (BBE).

LISTEN : Do you think that time is no longer on your side? Do you feel dejected and abandoned because your dream has been aborted? Does your situation seem hopeless because you can’t find solution anywhere? Does your case seem to not have any known natural solution? Are you at the point of giving up completely on life? But do you have faith? Do you believe in the Omnipotence of God? If the answer is yes, that settles it. Sarah was once in a situation that seemed hopeless and impossible like yours. For several years, Sarah and Abraham her husband had no child, and their situation came to the point where they should no longer hope because Sarah had entered menopause( the time in a woman’s life when blood stops flowing from her body each month : the time when a woman stops menstruating). That means that her chances to conceive a seed was gone.(Romans 4 : 18). However, they still hoped against hope, because they believed that God can’t go back on his word (Genesis 17 : 19 ; 21 : 2). That’s the power of faith. Although, Sarah at first treated the Divine message with ridicule, judging it to be absolutely impossible, not knowing then that it was from God; and this her age and circumstances justified it. Humanly speaking, such an event was impossible: but, when she knew that it was God who said it, it does not appear that she doubted anymore, but implicitly believed that what God had promised he was able to perform. Through faith she received strength to conceive the seed, Isaac. As barren as she was, yet faith made her fruitful; when it was impossible of herself to expect it for nature or years, yet she received power and strength from God, by believing, to conceive seed, that is, laying the foundation of it, conceiving in her dead womb, and bearing a son. Faith turns barrenness to fruitfulness. Sarah was not only naturally barren, but of ninety years of age at this time, when the most fruitful can’t give birth to a child anymore (Romans 4 : 17- 19 ). But because she judged God faithful who had promised; she gave glory to him by a firm and confident believe in his promise, accounting him faithful to his word, and able to perform it, and so rested on it, and waited for him, and received it eventually (Genesis 21 : 1- 3). Beloved, does your case seem like hers or worse than that? Never mind, God is in control. Your miracle and testimony are on the way. Remember, it’s not yet over. Just hang on.

Having read today’s devotional, what are you expected to do?
1. Don’t write off yourself because better days are waiting for you.
2. Always grow your faith not your fears, for your miracle is tied to your faith not your fears.
3. When doubt seems to rise above your faith, look again and again into the word of God.
4. When natural remedies can’t help you anymore, seek God’s supernatural help.

Daily Task : Does your case seem hopeless? Never mind, God is in control. Your miracle and testimony are on the way. Remember, it’s not yet over. Just hang on.

Daily Reflection : When faith is dead, the eyes sees only impossibilities, but when it’s alive, the heart believes in overcoming the impossible.

Prayer : Almighty God, I accept today that it’s not over with me yet, I have confidence in you that there’s still better days waiting for me. Thank you Lord in Jesus ‘ name, amen.

Prophetic Word : Today I prophesy over your life, it’s not yet over in your life. Whatever that has come to terminate your God-given dream and purpose, I command them to go to hell where they came from in Jesus ‘ name, amen.

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