Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : Because they didn’t understand the significance of the loaves. Instead, their hearts were hardened.- Mark 6 :52 (ISV)

LISTEN :Are you dull in spiritual understanding? Is it difficult for you to discern spiritual things? Are you finding it difficult to understand spiritual language and manifestations? Spiritual dullness will limit your access to divine insights and revelations. To be dull in this context is to be lacking in responsiveness or alertness; it’s to be insensitive: it equally means to be mentally slow; blunted in feeling or perception. Spiritual understanding is totally different from scriptural knowledge. You may have knowledge of scriptures but doesn’t understand its mysteries. Many who reads or teaches the bible doesn’t discern the moves and works of God in the church and around the world. With the times and energies they invested following the Lord, their heart is still dull of understanding. They fail to understand that whatever God does speaks volumes of who He is. His miracles speaks of his mercies and greatness; they speaks of his wonders and sovereignty. What He does today He can still do it tomorrow if the need arise. The disciples of Jesus Christ had just witnessed the day before the miracle of the loaves, where they saw the Master Jesus Christ fed about five thousand people with just five loaves and two fishes (Mark 6 : 37- 51). However, when trouble arose in the sea they forgot that mighty and glorious manifestations of Jesus Christ the day before, how he miraculously fed five thousand people with the insignificant five loaves and two fishes. Jesus designed that miracle to teach them that there’s nothing impossible with God; and He can provide for us even in the midst of scarcity.

Like many of us, how quick the disciples failed to consider the miracle of the loaves! They did not attend to it, nor learn from it, they failed to acknowledge the wonderful glory of Christ, and the greatness of his power. Jesus Christ demonstrated His power again before them by both walking on the sea and calming the violent wind that was against them. Such display of power is an act of His omnipotence. Subsequently, He rebuked them for failing to trust in Him, having witnessed the miracle of divine supply the day before; for their heart was hardened. That’s, their heart was dull of understanding, or “blinded”; though not by sin, nor were they against Christ, but there was a great deal of dullness and stupidity, and want of attention in them. This simply means that the glory of Christ, which he manifested, and showed forth in his miracles, was not so clearly and fully discerned, attended to, and acknowledged by them. Many followers of Christ today like the disciples in today’s devotional, despite the miracles and mighty works of God seen daily, still stand in need of divine illuminations. They need the light of God to dispel the stronghold of darkness in their heart. Beloved, are you still without spiritual understanding? Are you still doubting the power of God in your life and circumstances? Since Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, what He did at one time should serve to remind us of what He is prepared to do again should the need arise (Hebrews 13 : 8). Beloved, always trust the LORD for anything. His wonders have not spent His strength, He can repeat the same miracle million times over if need arise; He has done it before, He can do it again. He’s still the Immanuel, “God with us.” Henceforth, purge yourself of self-induced spiritual dullness and endeavour to dig into divine mysteries.

Having read today’s devotional, what are you expected to do?
1. Don’t doubt the power of God, because when you do, be sure to receive nothing from Him.
2. Allowed God’s past faithfulness and favour to remind you of His future favour and goodness towards His people.
3. Improve upon your relationship with Christ, and enjoy his ever presence around you.
4. Always study the word of God and pray for divine insights to dissolve your doubts about the person of Christ.

Daily Task : Don’t live without spiritual understanding, and stop doubting the power of God in your life and circumstances? Always remember that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Daily Reflection : God can repeat same miracle million times over if need arise; He has done it before, He can do it again. He’s still the Immanuel, “God with us.” So purge yourself of self-induced spiritual dullness and embrace the light of God.

Prayer : Almighty God, the God of all knowledge, I acknowledge your word for me today, save me from spiritual dullness and darkness; and fill me with the light of your presence in Jesus’ name, amen.

Prophetic Word : Today, I prophesy over your life, this season, God will kindle in you divine illumination, insights and revelations in Jesus ‘ name.