Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

Author : Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day : Keep on being obedient to the word, and not merely being hearers who deceive themselves.- James 1 : 22 (BBE).

LISTEN : I wonder if people, especially Christians does regularly ask this question – “Am I right, or just deceiving myself”? Self-deception is the worst of deception. A situation where you cannot tell yourself the truth is the height of stupidity and insensitivity. When you cannot attempt to look deep into your life – conduct, actions and reactions, behaviour, relationship with God and others, your private and public life, etc, you have missed your God-given purpose. It is evil to know what is right and fail to do it. (James 4 : 17).

One will wonder why the society and the world at large is fraughted with so much evil, while we have Christians and people who claim to serve God scattered all over the world. Besides, number of religious organisations are increasing by the day in proportion to crime rate, yet there seems to be no noticeable positive change in the society. Then, what is wrong? What are we not doing right as children of God? It is because we are not being ‘true to type.’ We are not being or behaving as expected. Many today are merely pretending their service to God. They are not ready for God, as a result they are not willing to commit themselves to genuine service. Without obedience to God we are merely pretending our services to Him. The bibble clearly stated that anyone who is not willing to obey God is a victim of Self-deception. In our verse of the day the bible said, ” Keep on being obedient to the word, and not merely being hearers who deceive themselves. (James 1 : 22). The blessing of the Lord is in obeying His word, not just in mere hearing it. ( Luke 11 : 28).

What exactly did Apostle James’s admonition, “Be doers of the word,” demonstrate? It means to have spiritual understanding of God’s word; receive it gladly; and obey it from the heart, and make a sincere and faithful profession of it; and to submit to what the word of God directs to do, and to live, and walk in line with the word of God you heard. This will keep us from being mere hearers. The infallible word of God should not be barely heard, and assented to; but what is heard should be put in practice; and especially, we should not depend upon our hearing, as if that would save us; this is deceiving our own selves. Those who rest upon the outward hearing of the word will be sadly deceived, and will find themselves miserably rejected at the end of the day. Beware! (Lu 13:25).

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Always remember that the purpose of hearing the word of God is to obey it. Therefore, obey it.
2. Do not follow others to deceive yourself by refusing to obey the word of God.
3. Do not hang around people who take God’s word lightly, rather identify with those who honour and obey it.
4. Begin now to exercise yourself in unconditional obedience to God till obedience to Him becomes your delight.

Daily Task : As you hear the word of God daily, weekly or even monthly as the case may be, determine to commit your heart to it in full obedience to God.

Daily Reflection : When the word of God we continue to hear cannot cause us to change our ways, then following our own ways will be our ruin if the ways of God is rejected. Beware!

Prayer : Blessed Father, thank you for your word today. I ask for grace to hear and do your word. I confess, I will be a doer of your word and not just a hearer who deceives himself in Jesus’ name, amen.

Daily Prophetic Declaration : Today, I prophesy over your life, henceforth, you will not struggle to obey God. He will give you the grace to gladly follow His will and receive His blessings in return in Jesus’ name.