Saturday January 28, 2017

Author: Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse of the Day: For the joy that was set before him, he endured the Cross, despising the shame and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God Hebrews 12:2

LISTEN: Pains, afflictions, insults, reproaches, hindrances, and the likes are few of the things that can cause distractions to a good cause. Distraction comes usually to take your mind, attention, passion, etc away from your purpose. It comes to make you give attention to unimportant things – things that has no bearing with your reason for existence. When distraction shows up, its purpose is to keep you from fulfilling destiny, therefore, every wise person must watch out for distractions and deal with it.

Distraction can come in forms of frustrations, temptations, hindrances, sufferings, etc. Anything that comes to alter, or shift your focus away from your God-given purpose is a distraction. I want you to know that when you have a good cause – a vision, an assignment, a dream, etc, you are a target for distraction, therefore you should guard against it. Never allow anything or anyone keep you from your God-given purpose.

Before and during Jesus’ horrible experiences of the “cross”, He fixed His eyes on the glorious future that awaited Him on the other side of the Cross, which the Father had prepared for Him. He refused to be distracted by the sufferings, reproaches and tortures He was subjected to, instead, He fixed His eyes on what the end held for Him – the eternal glory with His Father.

He believed that His suffering for the salvation of the world was for a moment; and after that, the joy would begin. Beloved, in the same way, your sufferings and trials are temporal, but worthwhile; if you do not allow distractions, or give up on your purpose, joy would certainly come eventually. Psalms 30:5b says, “Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning.” Therefore, I prophesy over your life, your joy has come, in Jesus‘ name.

Henceforth, do not allow distractions to your God-given purpose. Do not forget that God is your strength, always look beyond your challenges and your joy will certainly come. Let us like Jesus Christ, pursue the will of God for our lives, for the joy that is set before us, and courageously endure whatever may betide us. Beloved, if you can demonstrate the maturity and perseverance of Christ in your time of trials and challenges, distractions will not steal the glory reserved for you.

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Do not quit when you encounter challenges and trials, rather deal with them for they are distractions to your purpose.
2. Always see beyond your present troubles and determine to win no matter what.
3. Never mind your critics and those that hate you, for your success will shut up their mouths if you are not stopped by distractions.
4. Be focused on eternal glory! Do not allow your temporal suffering to rob you of eternal glory.

Daily Task: Do not be distracted, rather be focused! Your victory and success might just be some steps away. Remember, if you are distracted and quit, you would have ended up suffering in vain and losing your reward.

Daily Reflection: If your God-given purpose in life is permanently hindered by distractions, you have demonstrated how poorly principled and disciplined you are.

Daily Prayer: Almighty God, I bless your name, give me the grace never to be distracted, but to handle my challenges courageously and pursue my God-given purpose wisely, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Daily Prophetic Declaration: Today, I prophesy over your life, you will not stop mid way in your journey of life, God will enable you to overcome what has come to overcome you, in Jesus’ name.

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