Friday, March 31, 2017

Author: Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day: Now listen to me, I will give you advice, and may God be with you. Exodus 18 : 19a

LISTEN: No one grows positively without the right information or counsel. No one can truly be successful when wise counsel (advice) is neglected and despised. The wise seeks the right counsel, while the foolish detest and ignore it. The wise believes that no one has monopoly of knowledge, hence they listen to what others have to say in a given situation and apply the counsels received if seen to work in their situations. But that is not the case with the foolish. They believe that their ideas are enough for them, hence they often fail woefully.

Beloved, do you find it difficult to take advice from other people? Do you feel too big to listen to wise counsels from others? Do you think that you have enough information, ideas, insights, revelations, etc., to handle your case? At such you do not have need for another? My dear, if that is what you believe, then you have a big problem. Do not forget that God created us in a way that we should share ideas and be of help to one another. You can only benefit from others if you recognise God’s grace upon their lives like Prophet Moses.

Moses was a humble and listening leader. When his father in-law Jethro, visited him in the wilderness to see how he was fairing with God’s work with the Israelites, he (Jethro), observed Moses’s daily activities and discovered that if Moses was not properly guided, he will end up not fulfilling his divine purpose, because he was doing the work without proper counsel on how to achieve success. Therefore, before his father in-law returned to his land, he sat Moses down and advised him on how to go about his God-given assignment in order to be truly successful.

The bible says, ” And Moses’ father-in-law said to him, What you are doing is not good. Your strength and that of the people will be completely used up: this work is more than you are able to do by yourself. Give ear now to my suggestion, and may God be with you: you are to be the people’s representative before God, taking their causes to him: Teaching them his rules and his laws, guiding them in the way they have to go, and making clear to them the work they have to do.

But for the rest, take from among the people able men, such as have the fear of God, true men hating profits wrongly made; and put such men over them, to be captains of thousands, captains of hundreds and of fifties and of tens; And let them be judges in the causes of the people at all times: and let them put before you all important questions, but in small things let them give decisions themselves: in this way, it will be less hard for you, and they will take the weight off you.

If you do this, and God gives approval, then you will be able to go on without weariness, and all this people will go to their tents in peace. So Moses took note of the words of his father-in-law, and did as he had said.” (Exodus 18 : 17 – 24 BBE). Beloved, can you see? Not minding that he was spiritual and learned, Moses still received the advice of his father in-law, which is today a global example of good leadership. Friend, Do not be too big to listen or learn from others. To be too big to take wise counsels is to be too big for success. He who rejects wise counsel has equally rejected success.

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Do not be too big to learn or take wise counsels from others.
2. Do not do everything by yourself, rather learn to delegate some to others so that you do not wear out yourself.
3. No matter how spiritual, learned, or wise you might be, do not forget that there are things you can still learn from others.
4. Never look down on anyone, because your key to success might be with such person.

Daily Task: Be prepared to learn something new everyday. Examine what you learnt and make use of what could be useful to you.

Daily Reflection: To be too big to take wise counsels is to be too big for success. He who rejects wise counsel has equally rejected success.

Daily Prayer: Precious Father, help me to not feel too big to listen and learn, but to readily learn and listen to wise counsels from others, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Daily Prophetic Declaration: Today, I prophesy over your life, may God baptise you with the spirit of humility to listen, learn, grow and succeed in your pursuits in life, in Jesus’ name.

Daily Quote: Those who rejects wise counsels has shut against themselves the door to true greatness – Bishop Julius Okarike

Today In History: March 31, 1949 Winston Churchill declares that the A-bomb was the only thing that kept the Soviet Union from taking over Europe.