Sunday, March 12, 2017

Author: Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day: Then they had faith in his words; they gave him songs of praise. But their memory of his works was short; not waiting to be guided by him. Psalms 106:12-13

LISTEN: Oh! How quick people are to give up on their faith just because of challenges and troubles of life. How quick they are to forget the mercies of God towards them. Many often find it difficult to sustain their faith because they fail to understand the ways of God. God did not promised us trouble-free life, rather He promises protection, safety, deliverance and victory. No matter what happens you must not give up on your faith. You must be strong through faith to overcome whatever challenges . Beloved, where is your faith? Why do you complain and murmur about your lot in life? Can you not put your faith to work? Beloved, irrespective of anything, continue to be hopeful and expectant of God’s goodness.

It is so sad that, people tend to forget the goodness of God the moment they encounter difficult situations. They are quick to conclude that yesterday was better than today, and therefore wish that they should have remained inseparable with the past. This was the case of the Israelites after their miraculous release from the bondage of Egypt. When they eventually believed the word of God from Moses, kept the passover and departed from Egypt; they all sang the praises of God after crossing the Red Sea.

However, it was not too long they began to complain and murmur against Him and His servant Moses. They forgot His mighty works done for them, as a result, they disobeyed Him. Our verse of the day says, ” Then they had faith in his words; they gave him songs of praise. But their memory of his works was short; not waiting to be guided by him.” (Psalms 106 : 12 – 13). The Israelites saw and celebrated the glorious power of God, both in Egypt and the Red Sea, but lacked enduring faith. They only believed God for the present, their memory was short to keep lasting record of God’s goodness towards them.

Beloved, where is your faith? Do you realise that lack of faith can cause you to disobey God and disregard His counsel? Do you know that lack of faith will blind your eyes to the goodness and mercies of God? However, if you put your trust in Him, it does not matter the situation, God who has started a good work in your life will certainly finish it. (Philippians 1 : 6). So avoid being faithless; learn to be guided by the word of the Lord, not your own circumstances. Let us not live like faithless Israelites in the wilderness who disbelieved God after experiencing His mighty works; instead, let us trust Him with our past, present and future. Let us fight the good fight of faith and hold unto our faith from start to finish.

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Do not allow your pain today to rob you of your blessings tomorrow through unbelief.
2. Always believe that your future will be better off than your past and present no matter what.
3. Determine to pray for, and follow divine guidance at all times.
4. Never give up, always confront your challenges by faith, and also do the needful to the glory of God.

Daily Task: Be determined and do not throw away your faith in God, rather remain strong and focused on His help and you will not be put to shame.

Daily Reflection: What God did in the past He can still do it again today, if that is what is required to meet your needs. Is He not God of the past, the present and future?

Daily Prayer: Blessed Father, you are great and wonderful. I surrender my faith life to you. Help me to overcome my fears and worries, and to faithfully follow your will, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Daily Prophetic Declaration: Today, I prophesy over your life, may God deliver you from the yoke of hopelessness and faithlessness. May you not be swallowed up by circumstances of this life, in Jesus’ name.