Monday, July 10, 2017.

Author: Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day: For there will be a time when people will not tolerate sound teaching. Instead, following their own desires, they will accumulate teachers for themselves, because they have an insatiable curiosity to hear new things. 2 Timothy 4 : 3

LISTEN: The Bible calls this present time a perilous time. (1 Timothy 4 : 1). That is, a dangerous time. A time with the possibility that one could be hurt or killed or that something unpleasant or bad might happen. A time that is likely to cause injury, pain, harm, or loss to people. A time that is difficult to deal with. That is the time we are right now. A time full of heartbreaking news and situations. A time that the Christian faith is handled with a high level of carelessness by those who professes to know God. A time when those who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ has gladly refused to obey Him, instead, have chosen to obey human opinions and interests. They follow evil trends instead of biblical principles. Beloved, do you know that this is a critical time for all genuine believers in Christ? Therefore, we must be careful not to be conquer by the spirit of the end time. Truly, until one is careful, being a victim of the perilous time is inevitable.

Sadly today in the churches of God worldwide, many have lost sight of God’s purpose for the church. They have brought carnality into the church and accepted it as a standard for the church. Regrettably, carnality has replaced spirituality. People (most Christians) choose what they want to hear in church, and not what God wants them to hear. In church, they like to feel entertained, but not nurtured. They can enjoy song ministrations, but must find fault with the sermon. As a result, many churches gathering today serves as entertainment and amusement service? People visit church as a center of entertainment and amusement. It is very rare to see a congregation where people’s heart is pricked and broken because of the convicting power of the word of God. Oh! The world today seems to be acting more spiritual than the church; because the church has forgotten her standard and have taken the unfaithful and immoral standard of the world. Too sad, the church is gradually abandoning her values for that of the world. As a result, worldliness has eaten deep into the fabric of the church. Beloved, let us not reject sound doctrine, but accept it, and with it transform the world for God.

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Do not reject sound teaching from the word of God, rather accept it.
2. Refuse to follow the corrupt practices of the world, instead be strong in faith and obedience to God.
3. Do not attend church service just to be entertained, instead, attend to be nurtured.
4. Determine to preserve Christian values and do not destroy them.

Daily Task: Beloved, we are in a critical stage of our human history, therefore, let us not reject sound teaching of the word of God, but accept it and transform the world for God.

Daily Reflection: Be careful and save yourself from the spirit of end time. Truly, until you are careful, being a victim of perilous time is inevitable.

Daily Prayer: Blessed Father, You are the keeper of your people, keep me from the pollution of the world, and help me to lead a blameless life, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Daily Prophetic Declaration: You will make a difference. Today I prophesy to you, God’s grace will keep you from the dangers of the perilous time, in Jesus’ name

Daily Quote: Those who follow evil trends instead of godly principles will end up as victims of evil in the long run.

Today In History: July 10, 1993. Kenyan runner Yobes Ondieki becomes the first man to run 10,000 meters in less than 27 minutes.