Monday, August 21, 2017.

Author: Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day: For the Lord is upright; he is a lover of righteousness: the upright will see his face. Psalms 11 : 7

LISTEN: Unlike other gods, God Almighty is an upright God. He is a God of justice and righteousness. There is no iniquity in Him. Besides, nothing gladdens His heart like uprightness. He is pleased when we behave in an honest way and regularly maintain high moral standard. Because God is a God of righteousness and holiness, He is always happy when His people perform well and live to the glory of His name. When we, His children live rightly, we have then demonstrated whom our God really is. The LORD our God is righteous in Himself, and in all His ways and works. His righteousness is demonstrated both in visiting and punishing the wicked, and in maintaining the righteous cause of His people. Beloved, truly righteousness is agreeable to the nature of God: He loves to exercise righteousness in the earth, to administer it to, and among men; this He delights to do.

Beloved, we became righteous through the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross: because our own righteousness is as filthy rag before Him, therefore, He gave us the gift of righteousness in His Son Jesus Christ (Romans 5:17). Through the righteousness we obtained from the death of Jesus Christ, God is well pleased with us, as we are clothed with it: and he approves of our righteous actions, as they are done in obedience to His righteous law, in faith from a principle of love, and with a view to his glory; these are acceptable to Him in Christ. Because of our righteousness in Christ, we shall see His favour and goodness; irrespective of the poisonous arrows shot privily at us by the wicked (Psalms 11:2). Now, God looks with pleasure upon us, takes delight in us, takes care of us, protects and defends us, and at last saves us for eternal life. Today we have His presence. Nothing is more comforting and desirable than the presence of God. Beloved, God is righteous and loves the righteous. So, let us learn to live righteously now and forevermore.

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
I. Determine to live honestly and righteously no matter what.
2. Do not compromise your integrity, instead, determine to live your life on high moral standard.
3. Learn to live uprightly, and remember that God’s favour is made for the righteous.
4. Determine to make God happy by living in line with His will.

Daily Task: Never give up on pursuing the will of God, instead, keep exercising yourself in godliness and trust God to grow you through the process.

Daily Reflection: When you determine to lead a godly life as a christian, you have clearly demonstrated to the world that you belongs to a holy God.

Daily prayer: Most Holy and righteous Father, I thank you for today, I ask for grace to do your will; make me to surrender to you, as you grow me through the process of godliness in Jesus’ name, amen.

Daily prophetic Declaration: You will make a difference. Today, I prophesy over your life, let the spirit of unrighteousness in you be cast out henceforth, in Jesus Christ ‘ name.

Daily Quote: To a person of wisdom, nothing is more comforting and desirable than the presence of God.

Today In History: August 21, 1986. In Cameroon 2,000 die from poison gas from a volcanic eruption.