Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

Author: Bishop Julius Okarike

Verse Of The Day: What the wicked fears will come on him; what the righteous desire will be granted. Proverbs 10 : 24

LISTEN: Sooner or later life will give back to us what we gave to it. This simply means that we will reap what we sow. Sadly, we seem to have forgotten this salient truth. Because many refused to understand how their actions directly affect them, that is why they commit sin without considering the after effect. They harm others without minding how they feel. They maim and kill others; steal, rob, rape and commit all manner of atrocities and damn the consequences. However, whether they pretend to be unconscious of God’s judgment or not, certainly, those who commit such evil and wicked acts will reap what they sow. Yes! a day of reckoning awaits every evildoer here and hereafter. Certainly, there will be a day punishment will be administered in return for every evil committed; a time when punishment will be rendered for wrongdoing: yes, a time when punishment will be given for a violation of God’s law. Beloved, no one will get away with his or her evil deeds for so long, it is a matter of time the punishment will come and we shall be rewarded or punished accordingly as the case may be.

Beloved, no one will escape God’s judgment. Our verse of the day says, “ What the wicked fears will come on him; what the righteous desire will be granted” (Proverbs 10 : 24). What the wicked fears (the judgment of God) shall certainly and suddenly come upon them. (Hebrews 10 : 27 ). Obviously, the wicked often fears to be maimed like he maimed others, killed like he killed others; cheated like he cheated others, lied about like he lied about others, lied to like he lied to others, destroyed like he destroyed others, etc. But irrespective of what the wicked is afraid of, the word of God is clear on the matter; what they fear shall come upon them. The wicked shall not go unpunished. (Proverbs 11 : 21). Beloved, let us consider and forsake our evil ways and return to God for forgiveness. God is watching and waiting for us to return to Him. He will grant our desires when we follow His will (Proverbs 10 : 24b). Beloved, be strong and remain faithful and committed to God. Surely, it shall be well with you. (Isaiah 3 : 11).

Having read today’s devotional, what is expected of you?
1. Do not delight to do evil for it will haunt and destroy you if you allow it.
2. Learn to do the right thing always, for what we sow we shall certainly reap.
3. Whatever you do, consider the future and invest meaningfully into it to avoid regrets.
4. Strive to do the right thing no matter what and keep your future free from damnation.

Daily Task: The law of sowing and reaping should cause us to consider our ways, shun all evils and return to God for mercy, as we remember that the wicked will not go unpunished.

Daily Reflection: Never give up yourself to evil, instead, let righteousness steer your life; because it is a matter of time, nemesis will catch up with the wicked.

Daily prayer: Everlasting Father, thank you for loving and caring for me. Help me to do your will and keep me from sin and its tragic consequences, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Daily prophetic Declaration: You will make a difference. Today, I prophesy over your life, any satanic manipulation that is designed to ruin your life and destiny, is hereby destroyed, in Jesus ‘ name.

Daily Quote: Every action is a ‘deposit’ to the future, sooner or later you will withdraw or be forced to withdraw from your deposit.

Today In History: September 12, 1786 . Despite his failed efforts to suppress the American Revolution, Lord Cornwallis is appointed governor general of India.